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Horse Carriage Reservation Info

Our carriages come with decorations, which can be customized to coordinate with your event colors. The driver and assistant come dressed in attire that relates to the event (i.e. formal for weddings, western for wagon rides, etc.), unless you have another preference. We can accommodate your needs and we operate day or night. All vehicles have lights for evening operation. The carriages have tops that can be put up for that sunny day or intimate evening.

Your safety and the safety of our horses are our utmost concern. Our horses are well trained and experienced in traffic. However, we do not take unnecessary chances. We ask that you do not request your carriage ride on roads with a speed limit over 35 m. p. h. otherwise we will require a police escort. We can help find an alternative route.

Call Joanne today at 407-988-9469 to schedule one of our horse drawn carriages for your special event.

How far ahead do I need to book?
To insure that you get the date that you want, you should book at least 12 weeks in advance. However, always call or e-mail in case we have a cancellation and are available on your date.

What area do you serve?
We serve all of Central Florida. Outside of Central Florida may be serviced for an additional mileage fee. Please call or email us for more information on where we serve.

Do we need special permits?
No. The horse and carriage has the same "rights" to the road as any other vehicle. If you are having an event within a homeowners association, you should check with them to see if you require a permit.

How far can we travel in the carriage?
A thirty minute ride covers about 2 miles. In order to allow time for pictures, etc. the longest distance you should travel is 3 miles. You don't want your guests waiting too long at the reception for the arrival of the bride and groom.

When does my time start?
Your time with the horse and carriage begins when we arrive at the time and destination requested on your contract.

What if I want to extend the time of the horse and carriage?
If you should need additional time, a fair rate can be discussed. The horse and carriage is booked for a minimum of 2 hours.

Does the carriage have a top?
The carriage has a folding top that can be put up if desired. It gives about as much protection as an umbrella from the rain.

Why are the horses' legs wrapped?
We wrap our horses' legs for protection and added support while working on hard surfaces.

What about safety?
Our horses are well trained and experienced in traffic. However, we do not take unnecessary chances. We will not travel on roads that have a speed limit over 35 miles an hour without a police escort.

What about rain or cancellations?
A light sprinkle is not a problem. However, heavy rain, wind, lightening, etc. is cause to cancel. A 100% refund is guaranteed if we cancel due to weather or unforeseen situations. If you cancel, all monies minus your non-refundable deposit will be returned.

What about gratuities?
Although gratuities are greatly appreciated by the driver, they are between you and the driver and are not included in the price quotes.

Can alcohol be served in the carriage?
Florida law prohibits the serving of alcohol as the carriage comes under the open container law.

Do the horses leave 'droppings' on the street?
No, the horses wear 'Diapers' which catch any manure.

How fast can the horses go while pulling the carriage?
Horses do not run when pulling a carriage. They walk most of the time and will trot when necessary to cross streets, etc.

How do the horses and carriage get to an event?
The horses and carriage fit into a trailer that is designed solely for their use.

How many hours can the horses work?
Depending on the temperature, the horses can work up to 6 hours with a 15 minute break every 1 1/2 hours.

How are the horses watered?
We bring water from home and the horses are given water between rides or at 1 hour intervals.

Do you offer different types of carriages?
We offer 3 different types of carriages and a wagonette.

Can the carriages go on the beach?
We do not use our carriages on the beach as the horses have a hard time pulling in the sand due to the narrow wheels on the carriages.

Can I feed the horses treats?
While the horses would love for you to feed them, we ask that you do NOT feed the horses while they are in harness. It encourages biting.

Will the camera flash scare the horses?
The horses are not scared by the flash of a camera. They have their pictures taken frequently.

Do you always have a driver and attendant?
We always come in pairs.

Do the horses wear special shoes?
The horses wear shoes that have drill-tek welded to the bottom to keep them from slipping on the road.

Why do the horses wear 'stockings' on their legs?
We always wrap our horses legs for their protection from bumps and bangs.

How long does a horse live?
A horse lives well into their 20's. A few live into their 30's.

Do the horses work every day?
No, we have several horses, so they take turns.

What color are the horses when they are born?
The type of horse that we use is born black and turns white as it gets older.

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